This information is current as of October 2017. I'd guess that there's an 80% chance that it's outdated as you're reading it.

I'm Ben. I live in San Francisco, and work as a programmer at Cruise Automation on the prediction team. Most of my time is spent sleeping, writing code for work and pleasure, thinking about interesting things, and consuming various media. My favorite things to think about recently include robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, metaethics, anthropics, logic puzzles, and problem solving. I'm somewhat involved in the effective altruism community.

Historically, I've spent some time knitting, reading, building hobby electronics, change ringing, and hiking.

I'm originally from Blacksburg, Virginia, and lived there through my undergraduate degree, which was in Computer Engineering. In Blacksburg I spent an unusual amount of time in Bollo's Cafe and Bakery, and helped to start Hacksburg, Blacksburg's first community hackerspace.

I have a pretty sporadic online presence; you can email me, add me on Facebook or LinkedIn, or see some of my personal projects at my GitHub.